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2021 SLD Quartet Registry

SLD currently has over 35 registered quartets ranging from International Varsity qualifiers in their first year, to seasoned veterans who have been together for decades.  Get to know the names and faces of our quartets, and feel free to reach out and contact any you may be interested in following or knowing more about.

All In quartet picture.jpg

All In

All In is an award-winning a cappella quartet singing primarily in the Barbershop style. Competing in the Seneca Land District (SLD) of the Barbershop Harmony Society, Evan (tenor), Brian (lead), Don (baritone), and Joel (bass) came together in July 2014 as All In, and quickly won the Seneca Land Novice contest that fall. They added new hardware to their trophy case by taking home the SLD Championship in the fall of 2017 and served as the 2018 SLD representative to the International Convention and Contest in Orlando, FL. If you’d like to contact them, send an email to and have them for your next event!

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This quartet from the Erie, PA chapter earned the title of Seneca Land District Quartet Champions in 2006, singing exotic arrangements of songs by the likes of Elton John, Eagles, and Randy Newman. Though not active, they come out of hiding from time to time when called upon. If you’re interested in having them on your show, it never hurts to ask.


Members include (L to R in photo):

Riche Bresenhan

Peter Frank

Joel Gross

Drew Tepe

Contact Peter Frank @



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HyNotes quartet business card_edited.jpg

The HyNotes

The HyNotes Quartet are members of the East Aurora, NY Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society.  They have been pleasing audiences in WNY for thirteen years, singing at many luncheons, wedding receptions, anniversary parties, community gatherings and US Citizenship Ceremonies.  Contact Don at 716-573-5911, or by email at

Clockwise, from left: Don Ehrenreich (Lead), Pete Hart (Tenor), Ben Elliott (Baritone) and Dick Westlund (Bass)

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One Eleven.jpg

One Eleven

One Eleven is a Next Generation Varsity quartet with an average age of roughly 20 years old. Jon (lead), Thomas (baritone), Adam (Bass), and Nick (tenor) work to capture the spring of life and song with an assorted repertoire of traditional and contemporary barbershop. 


Instagram: @oneelevenquartet



Inquiries to Jon Lunden at

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Staff Meeting.JPG

Staff Meeting

Staff Meeting is a veteran, senior quartet from the Mark Twain Chapter.  We sing mostly in Chemung and Schuyler counties and surrounding areas, but might be convinced to wander farther afield.  

Contact Butch Talada for booking information.


C/T: 607-207-3521 


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Vocal Impact.jpg

Vocal Impact

Vocal Impact is a quartet that sings in the barbershop style from Binghamton, New York and is a proud member of the Seneca Land District of the Barbershop Harmony Society.  Together since 2015, the quartet is very active in the Binghamton area singing on chapter shows, local plays (2017 Music Man), Singing Valentines, and a number of senior facilities.

Members include “Three Toms & a Dale”-Tenor Tom Depue, Lead Tom Volk, Baritone Tom Jones, and “not Tom” Bass Dale Ball.  Tenor Tom DePue is a 2nd generation Barbershopper with a father who has been singing for 55 years, and whose son Tommy is also a member.  Tom is a VP for Fahs Construction and lives at home with his wife and #1 quartet fan Diane.  Lead Tom Volk has been singing Barbershop since the early 80’s, and sang with chapter quartet Route 26.  Tom is retired and shares his home with his son Tommy (anyone notice a trend here??)  Baritone Tom Jones is a 36 year Barbershopper and has sung in quartets in 3 chapters. Tom is retired from Agway, and lives at home with his wife Patsy and Daisy Dog.  And lastly is our own “not Tom”-Dale Ball.  Dale is the new guy, and has been singing with our chorus for 6 years, but he has immersed himself in Barbershop and is having the time of his life!  Dale works as an accountant for SUNY-Broome and lives in Chenango Bridge with his wife Janice.  It might be important to note that between the 4 of them they have over 13 Grandchildren!!!  Guess we know what they’re doing when they are not singing! For those of you that thought the wrong thing, that would be babysitting.

They are available to sing for anyone and everyone, and still believe that singing is the most fun you can have standing up.

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Children of the Chord_edited.jpg

Children of the Chord

Children of the Chord have been together since 2016 and sing an array of different styles from classic barbershop to contemporary swing-style songs. Jordan (tenor), Sagan (lead), Armando (baritone), and Antonio (bass) are an eclectic group of singers ranging from their early 20s to their early 30s.


Follow us on facebook: Instagram: @cotcquartet and twitter: @cotcquartet





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Group Therapy

Group Therapy is a quartet with a combined 120 years of quartet experience having sung in numerous quartets over the years.  Since all four enjoying learning new music and relish a challenge, they felt a mixed quartet would be therapeutic - hence their name.


Group Therapy is the 2019 Seneca Land District Mixed Quartet Champions.  Since they all believe that the hours spent singing do not count against one's life span, they are getting younger all the time.  Their biggest challenge is to learn all the songs they want to sing before they get too young!

Members include (L to R in photo):

Kandy Getty (Tenor)

Jerry Schmidt (Baritone)

Linda Laraway (Lead)

Jim Holder (Bass)



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J4M church steps _edited_edited.jpg

Just Four Men

“Just Four Men,” the 2018 SenecaLand District bronze medalist quartet, brings together four experienced quartet guys from within a 100 mile radius.  Our backgrounds vary but the desire to perform our music in the traditional barbershop style is consistent.  Let us have the opportunity to entertain your group while you watch and listen to the magic of the music. 




Mac Sabol, Lead                                          Tom Landon, Tenor

John Rice, Bass                                    Tom Glosick, Bari

Call John @ 607-242-1898

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Praetzel photo.png

Praetzel Shop Quartet

This is the Praetzel Shop Quartet. This is still an active and official quartet.  All members are the original and are still current.  From left to right is baritone Sean Praetzel , bass Brian Praetzel, lead Samuel Praetzel and tenor Ryan Praetzel. 

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Upgrayed, you could say, is on the other side of young, but for a bunch of old guys we think we've done okay so far....BHS Seneca Land District Senior Champions and 2-time reps to International Senior Quartet competition.   And, we're negotiable! 


For more information on Mike, Bob, Stan and Keith, contact:


Keith Langdon

Lester Rd. Phelps 14532 

315-719-9607, 2219

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ColdSnap is an award-winning barbershop/a cappella quartet from the Buffalo, NY area.   We are all members of the Seneca Land District and are the 2014 SLD Quartet Champions. In addition, we have served as the SLD representative to the International Convention in 2015, 2016, and 2017.  We all started barbershop when we were very young, so we have several years of experience between us!  We have a wide repertoire and would love to perform for you!


Chris Raffa, Tenor

Mike Holmes, Lead

John Morris, Baritone

Vinnie Girardi, Bass


Contact Mike @ 716-868-7866



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HH4 2018-09 SLD Fall Convention.jpg

The Harbor House 4

These four longtime members of the Erie, PA chapter earned the title of Seneca Land District Quartet Champions in 2018. They are currently active and touring the district on several chapter shows throughout 2019. They are actively seeking performance opportunities, singing acappella arrangements of popular music to which general audiences love to snap, clap and sing along.


Members include (L to R in photo):

John Donohue

Brian Marshall

Peter Frank

Joel Gross

For booking information contact Peter Frank @

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Notably Yours photo.jpg

Notably Yours

Notably Yours resides and performs in and around Rochester, NY.

Formed in 1998 and consists of Father/son combo Al and Jason Weitz, Bill McCormick and Mike Richards.

We currently represent 4 chapters: Canton, Liverpool, Rochester, and Frank Thorne.  Our signature song is "King Of The Road"


Contact person;

Al Weitz (585) 729-2459




Yours for a song...
Al Weitz

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Salt City Harmony.jpg

Salt City Harmony

Salt City Harmony in its current configuration has been a registered quartet since 2016.  We enjoy singing together and socializing with the spouses.    We have participated in several district conventions and enjoy doing Sing-outs and various chapter events like chapter shows and singing valentines.  


To contact us, call or send a text message to Jim Barnett 315-884-5402.

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Vocal Blend

Recently changing their name from Acapella Gold to Vocal Blend, these four quartet members all hail from the Onondaga chapter and include:


Frank Lazipone – Lead

Brian Smacher – Bass

Ken Reger – Bari

Mike Irwin – Tenor

Currently sing for fun and at an occasional sing-out, Vocal Blend is jumping into competition this spring to get their first experience with score and evaluation!

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