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Seneca Land District Glossary



  1. an alphabetical list of terms or words found in or relating to a specific subject, text, or dialect, with explanations; a brief dictionary.

Ever want to know what some of those SLD acronyms mean, but don't want to risk raising your hand to ask?  Well here is a personal answer key to help you keep up with even the best of the Senecalanders!

So let's start with AHSOW - what's that?

Well...AHSOW stands for Ancient Harmonious Society Of Woodshedders.  Woodshedding is a term for getting together with other barbershoppers and figuring out harmonies with no written music.  This is a group that meets at both fall and spring convention to practice this and keep their woodshedding skills 'sharp'! 

Got it - so how about B.O.T.Y.?

B.O.T.Y. stands for Barbershopper Of The Year - an annual award voted on by chapters and given out by the district.  Many chapters do this at the local level as well for one of their own members.  Even BHS votes on, and recognizes a Barbershopper Of The Year.

And what about L.A.?

L.A. stands for Leadership Academy, which is an annual event intended to offer training to chapter board members.  You can learn more by selecting It from the 'Events' tab drop down menu on the main page.

I hear BHS and SPEBSQSA all the time - what are those, and are they the same thing?

BHS stands for Barbershop Harmony Society - the current name of the parent organization - and SPEBSQSA is the original acronym which stands for the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America.

Okay, well then there is DP, IPP, EVP, and DVP - how about those?

These are all district level board positions or titles:  District President, Immediate Past President, Executive Vice President, and District Vice President.

So there's a pattern - but what about HOD, DBOD, and SBOD?

Definitely a pattern - mostly related to the different levels of leadership in barbershop.  HOD is House of Delegates, a group of representatives that functions directly under the board and meets twice each year.  DBOD is the District Board of Directors, and SBOD is the Society Board of Directors.

Can we give HH and FAME a try?

Certainly!  HH stands for Harmony Hall, which is located at the Barbershop Harmony Society headquarters in Nashville, TN, and FAME stands for the Fund for the Advancement of Musical Education.

Wow - definitely enough to get me started - but what if I need to know more?

Just email the SLD webmaster and ask to have a term added - you can submit a request to

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